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CV and Publicity material for Joshua Portway.
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Short Bio Joshua's first video game was published in 1984 and became a bestseller in Britain. Since then he has produced work as an artist, games designer, and animator. His interactive installation work has been exhibited in the UK, USA and Denmark and his animation work (including videos for Peter Gabriel, MTV and others) has been shown at festivals and on television worldwide. In 1991 he formed Flux Digital, an interactive media production company, which he left to join RealWorld in 1995 to explore the possibilities of interactive music. Since 1998 he has been focussing on the development of Noodle Heaven, an authoring and publishing platform designed to allow creative people to make interactive media in a more fluid manner than conventional programming tools. From time to time Joshua has exhibited large scale installation projects, the most well known of which is probably "Black Shoals" at the Tate gallery, London. Josh is currently working on further development of the Noodle authoring tools and a super-secret project called "Iceberg TV" which he's hoping will reinvent democracy.
Current Projects
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"Noodle Heaven"
A platform for interactive music. An experiment to find the intersection between tool, game and music, the orginal Noodle program was developed in 1996-97 and released in 1999. A multiplayer version of Noodle (Noodle Party) followed but was never released publicly. Noodle Heaven is designed to

"Iceberg TV"
Very secret at the moment.

Curiculum Vitae  
Commercial Work 2001 - 2004
Noodle Heaven.


Visual Effects Supervisor for "All the Rage", starring Jeff Daniels, David Shwimmer and Joan Allen.
Technical consultant for the Acoustic Mirrors project
Creative consultant for ShowStudio.com

Realworld Multimedia 1996-1999
Multimedia Director

Currently directing "Noodle Heaven" (working title), a networked environment for creating and playing interactive music.
Designed, directed, animated and programmed several scenes for the CD Rom "Ceremony of Innocence", including the finale.
Guest animator on "Eve" CD-rom and "Adam" DVD.
Directed "Different Drum", a documentary about world music.
Co-driected "Release" a music video for the AfroCelt Sound System.
Designed the Realworld Sound Engine.
Directed Afro-Celt enhanced CD "Release".
Designed and created stage show for Iarla O'Lionard 1998 tour.

Flux Digital 1991-1996
Founder and Creative Director

Founded Flux Digital in 1991.  Flux Digital was a true multimedia production house - working in fields from broadcast animation to interactive entertainment to tool design and research. Some example work :
- Directed and animated broadcast idents, title sequences, commercials etc. for MTV, HIT TV, British Airlines etc. 
- "Lovetown" music video for Peter Gabriel, including development of innovative motion capture and animation techniques.
- Conducted worlds first virtual reality forensics investigation, into explosion on an oil tanker in the Gulf Sea.
- Designed and produced worlds first prototype virtual reality car showroom for Nissan Motors.
- Designed and programmed active narrative agent engine and support tools, used internally and licensed to other developers.
- Created 3D and 2D animation tools used internally and licensed for other productions (eg. Jurassic Park: Lost World).

Chaotic Arts / Serious Parsnip 1985-1988
Founder (and only) member

Designed, animated, programmed "SIM" - a computer game for the BBC Micro and Electron computers which reached no. 2 in the UK charts in 1985. Also directed Aeon (an unfinished masterpiece, and source of much mental pain) and consulted and produced animation for other games. Designed and coded "WORK", a GUI programming language for the Commodore 64 computer.

Independant Work

Recent Installations, Exhibitions and Commissions
2004 SoundToys, Watershed, Bristol (TBC)
SHIFT-CTRL exhibition, Beall center for Art and Technology, University of California, Irvine, USA
2000 Sonar, exhibition Barcelona, Spain.

with Lise Autogena:
ongoing - "Channel Communication Amplifiers" Permanent installation, Folkestone (UK) & Sangatte (France)
2004  "Black Shoals 2" installation, Nikolaj Gallery & Copenhagen Stock exhange, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2003 "Ping" installation, Barbican Center, London.
01 "Black Shoals",Tate gallery, London
1998 commissioned to design permanent installation for Birmingham Hippodrome theatre, Birmingham.
1997 "Membranes" exhibition, University of East London School of Architecture
1996 permanent Installation for Danish culture center, Århus, Denmark
1995 "Relics" exhibition, Århus Musikhus, Denmark.

Other Work
1997-1999 Co-Organised "The Summit" and "Big Game" conferences at the Banff Center for the Arts with Sara Diamond
1997 Co-designed "Spin" a multimedia authoring tool, with Wm Leler and Philip Goward of Zat inc. eventually released by Webgain inc. as "Application Composer"
1997 (ongoing) Released freeware and shareware multimedia components and tools including "Gepetto", "Stringmod" & (with Sam Deane) "Chaos Modifiers". 
1995-1996 with Lise Autogena, organised Neals Yard "Breathe" salons - biweekly talks for invited guests. 

Teaching, Speaking and performance Teaching and Workshops

Co-Organised "The Summit"  and  "Big Game" conferences in 1997 and 1998 at the Banff center for the Arts
UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Royal College of Art, London, UK
West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK
Exploding Cinema Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal
Gulbenkian foundation, Italy
Banff Center for the Arts, Canada
Performing Arts Labs, UK

Speaking and performace

2000 ISEA, Paris
2000 "Right Here, Right Now", Watershed, Bristol, UK
2000 "Enter Now" Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
2000 Institut für Medienforschung,Braunschweig, Germany
2000 UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
1999 "Cartoombria" festival, Italy
1999 Atlantic Digital Media Festival
, Canada
1999 JavaOne conference, USA
1999 Rotterdam Film Festival, Netherlands
1999 "Millia '99", Cannes
1998 "Siggraph '98", Orlando Florida
1998 "The Lounge", BskyB Television
1998 "Big Game" summit, Banff center for the Arts
1998 "Out of the Box" summit, Banff center for the Arts
1997 "Cyber Lounge", Italian television
1997 "The Hub",  London
1997 "Opera Totale" festival, Venice
1997 "The Summit", Banff center for the Arts
1997 "Flesh Eating Technology", Banff center for the Arts
1997 "Digital Media World", London
1997 "New Media Storytellers" conference, Brazil
1996 "Interactive Screen" Banff center for the Arts

Education 1990-1991 Studied BA in Animation at West Surrey college of Art and design (Farnham), but left the course during the second year to form Flux Digital.
Contact Details

Joshua Portway
Realworld Studios
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tel: (+44) (0)973 123491
email: josh@stain.org